Dear friends,

Welcome to my world. I am a Mechanical Engineer. Unfortunately, mechanical job does not choose me but Software Engineer. And I have started the journey with it for many years. Certainly I have to learn many things from electronics to computer science by myself. Through my page, I would like to share my knowledge that I have learned during my adventure to you.
I am not an English so certainly I have mistakes in language. Hope you understand :)

One of the quotes that I like best:

"Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality."

― Dalai Lama XIV

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

If you need more information, fell free to contact me via: nha.tuan84@gmail.com

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Dave said...

Found your site this morning. Really great resource. I've been using esp-idf but I'd prefer to use the Arduino IDE. Thanks for all your work.

iotsharing dotcom said...

thank you :)

Vincent Achard said...

Very nice site! Thanks to you I did my first data transfer between my esp32 and my computer using BLE.

Keep on going


mike gh said...

thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Greetings from munich, germany

iotsharing dotcom said...

thank you :)

lightcalamar lopez said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, many help us. Receive greeting from Spain

iotsharing dotcom said...

Thanks friend :)

Shawn L. said...

Greetings from Canada.

To echo others, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Keep updating the site.